Multiple Authentication for Unparalleled Security

Many secure applications, such as online banking, have surprisingly low levels of security when it comes to authentication. For a user to authenticate themselves, it is usually sufficient to enter a user name and password, without a confirmatory handshake from the host application.

Authentication is one of the most critical security features, even though it is commonplace for it to be overlooked. At Walletex, providing the highest level of security is one of our greatest concerns, and that includes developing authentication systems that surpass the norm.

The main authentication features are as follows, and they can be implemented according to the needs of your application.


  1. Regular password protection to log into the card.
  2. The use of advanced OTP (one-time passwords) that are generated by the card and have to be keyed in before activating the card. The OTP algorithm can be customized, proprietary or RSA SecurID® compatible, with advanced features for protecting against hackers. (WF Crypto, WF Multi)
  3. PKI to provide both authentication and encryption. This is managed by a Certificate Authority (CA).
  4. Two-way authentication: Secure VPN with double authentication for remotely accessing corporate networks.
  5. On-line authentication.
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