Superior Hardware-based Cryptography to Protect Your Data

Much of the cryptography is embedded in the credit card-size USB card which greatly enhances the security system.

Walletex USB cards use a cryptographic library that enables a cryptographic algorithm that is hardware-based on the card itself. The following cryptographic libraries are supported:


  • AES 128/196/256 bit
  • PKI 512/1024/2048/4096 bit RSA
  • Hashing 160/256 bit SHA-1/2
  • True RNG
  • DES/3DES

The interface is enhanced PKCS #11 which enables easy integration with software applications when used in conjunction with the Walletex SDK.

The encryption infrastructure is PKI with the secret key stored on the card itself. The data is stored securely on the card’s hardware.

For the WF Crypto card, it is stored in a special chip that is designed for high level security, with sensors certified by Common Criteria.

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