Multiple Technological Innovations

The Walletex credit card-size family of WF cards incorporates a large number of technological innovations.

These innovations are mainly in the areas of miniaturization and security both of which open a new world of possibilities for all types of applications, from marketing through medical records to banking and advanced security.

 Our technological achievements include:

  • Reinventing the ubiquitous USB memory stick as a credit card-size device that easily fits into everyone’s wallet or purse. It’s handy, available and less likely to get lost when it’s in a safe place together with all your other important cards.
  • The USB connector is double-sided – you can put it in the USB port either way round, eliminating a common frustration.
  • Miniaturization: The WF Basic, WF Secure, WF Crypto and WF Multi are all the size of a credit card and just 1.9 mm thick. Yet they all incorporate a processor and advanced microelectronics. The more advanced cards include an onboard keyboard and LCD display, and they are just over 2 mm thick.
  • Additional credit card-size features: Elements that are common on single application cards can all be added to the advanced Walletex cards, including wireless, a fingerprint scanner, magnetic strip, embedded chip for a smart card and RFID.
  • Remote updates with the Premium software platform. An embedded controller can connect the card to the Internet and receive updates via FTP.
  • As described in the many pages on security, Walletex includes cutting edge security that represents a genuine paradigm shift when it comes to protecting both an individual’s data and an organization’s data.
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