The Walletex USB Card Platform: Unlimited Flexibility and Creativity

Walletex has demonstrated that its secure USB memory card platform has many uses, from medical and financial records, to corporate security, enhancing the sales process and pushing promotional material to subscribers. Our MusicCard, MusiCap and TourCard concepts have shown that the sky is the limited when it comes to applications for smart devices the size of a credit card.

The on-board processor, state-of-the-art-encryption, USB connectivity, LCD screen and built-in keyboard are a sophisticated set of tools and building blocks that give rise to infinite possibilities. Our customers are always finding new uses for their industries that even we didn’t think possible.

The large printable area of the credit card sized card also means that branding and marketing possibilities can be used.

In this section we’ll tell you about some of our successful projects:

Promo Card

Academic Card

Finance Card

Dynamic Sales Card

Wallet Books & Magazines

But please contact us and tell us how you implemented the Walletex platform in your industry.

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