Solutions for Increasing Data Security and Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

In today’s corporate environment, security at all levels is a major concern for executive management and IT professionals. Security relates to data, networks, remote access and physical access to the enterprise’s locations. Robust solutions are required to protect the corporate entity both from deliberate industrial espionage and accidental loss of laptops and memory devices.


  • Data security: USB memory sticks are very small and thousands are lost every year, many of which contain sensitive company information and intellectual property. Walletex’s USB memory devices are credit card-size, meaning that they easily fit into a wallet, and are therefore less likely to be misplaced or stolen. However, even if the device is lost or stolen, the robust, hardware-based secure password system with AES encryption can prevent theft of the data.


  • Secure VPNs for remote access: Many employees spend much of their work time accessing the corporate networks remotely, leading to potential security breaches. Walletex has a unique solution with dual authentication. This means that in addition to the user entering their logon credentials, the server identifies itself to the Walletex card and only after a handshake has taken place can a session start.
  • Physical access to buildings and zones: Most companies use cards or other devices to control access to physical locations and sensitive zones within those locations. In addition to the data and network security functions described above, Walletex has RFID solutions that can be integrated onto the same card to enable employees to access only locations for which they are authorized.

The Walletex platform, based on credit card-size USB solutions, enables as many as four devices to be integrated into one convenient card: (1) protection of sensitive corporate data, (2) ultra-secure VPN access, (3) employee badge with RFID for physical access and (4) secure data storage.

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