Secure & User-friendly Solution for Personal Healthcare Records (PHR)

Healthcare IT professionals and medical tourism operators now have a great solution for portable Personal Healthcare Records. The Walletex MediCard™ enables patients to keep a secure copy of their entire medical history in their wallet.

All healthcare providers use EMR and EHR systems (Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records) for managing and storing all of their patients’ medical records. However, most patients have medical records outside of a specific provider, necessitating a solution for each individual’s Personal Healthcare Record.

With a secure credit card-size device, patients can present their PHR to doctors and nurses who then have immediate access to an accurate health history record. During the visit, the new notes, test results and scans can be appended to the PHR, as well as being integrated into the provider’s EMR or EHR.
This wallet-size USB solution has the following significant advantages:


  • The patient receives better care, based on their current medical records and history.
  • Costs are saved, as up-to-date test and scan results are readily available. Expensive duplication of tests and scans is not necessary.
  • The patient retains ownership of their medical data.
  • Large images can be stored and quickly downloaded to the physician’s computer.


Walletex MediCard™ can complement other PHR solutions such as web-based PHR. During emergency situations, such as natural disasters, when the Internet is not available, the patient’s data is readily available through their credit card-size device.

The card can be printed on for branding opportunities, as well as displaying the patient’s name and contact details.
MediCard™ can also be used for HIE (Health Information Exchange) between the databases of the various healthcare providers, avoiding the legal and ethical challenges of sending private medical data over the Internet.

So, a system that it is ultra-secure, highly accessible and easy to use has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and finally make universal, personal health records a reality. Click to read more about Walletex’s solution for healthcare.

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