Innovative Solution for Distributing Books & Magazines

The way in which books and magazines are being published and distributed is a story that is still being written. The latest e-readers are breaking news and the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad are changing the way people read and access books and magazines.

In this dynamic and evolving space there is room for the Wallet Book & Magazine Card. Consider the following features:


  • No special e-reader required.
  • The card can be branded with the publisher’s marketing image.
  • Specially developed software provides an incredible reading experience.
  • Books and magazines can be delivered remotely over the Internet.
  • When connected to a computer, the full publication can be pushed to the card, or just remote updates.
  • The Walletex security modules can be used for password protection and user authentication.
  • System for copyright protection and Digital Rights Management.

There are many other advantages to this lightweight and compact solution, such as expiration dates on some content, leading to the possibility to rent books or magazines at lower prices.

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