Credit card-sized USB memory device that keeps your sales force informed with the latest information

Printed brochures have a notoriously short shelf life and when your roaming sales force doesn’t check in regularly at the office, they can’t easily re-stock. Are the price lists in your industry dynamic, causing the salespeople to give incorrect quotes? As VP Sales it is likely that you want to improve the quality and uniformity of the information given to prospects and clients.

The Walletex Dynamic Sales Card system is a great way of improving the sales experience for both the sales team, and crucially, the customer. It’s a simple way for pushing updated sales and marketing info to the salespeople, distributors, dealers and authorized retailers.

The system includes:


  • Personal, credit card-sized USB memory cards. These contain both the sales information and the software application that receives the data from management.
  • A software application that automatically ‘pushes’ updated information to the remote USB cards whenever the card is connected to a computer that is online.
  • A system that runs on an FTP server where the company places the data that will be distributed to the remote users.




  • Keep your sales force updated with the most relevant information that they need, such as presentations, videos, brochures, white papers, specifications, etc.
  • Information is automatically pushed to the card, instead of salespeople needing to search remote networks and pull, or download, the correct information to their computer.
  • Information is organized in the card according to folders – for easy access.
  • The credit card-sized USB cards work off line when an Internet connection is not available.
  • The card can be used as a backup system in case other media, such as a laptop or smartphone, cannot be used.
  • The card can easily be connected to the USB port of the client’s computer in the presentations room, or during face to face meetings.
  • The Dynamic Sales card really is credit card-sized so it fits easily into your wallet. It’s always available.
  • The card has an elegant shape and can be printed with your own branding and slogan. This is great for getting a promotional ‘wow’ effect.
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