Finance Card for Improving Investor Relations

Investors are legally entitled to receive many documents throughout the financial year, including the annual report. Savvy companies also wish to engage their investors and keep them informed in both the good times and the rocky patches.

So how do you stand apart when mail is costly and less effective, and e-mail is often treated as unwanted spam?

The Finance Card is a secure platform for keeping investors, stakeholders and journalists informed. Look at these features and imagine how they can be implemented in your environment:


  • Remote updates: When the card is connected to a computer, remote updates can be enabled to push relevant information to the investors.
  • Multimedia: The data which is preloaded on the card, or periodically sent, doesn’t have to be a hundred-page PDF. Video and interactive charts can be included to present the company and information in the best possible light.
  • Password protection: The Finance Card can easily be password protected using Walletex’s standard encryption tools.
  • A green solution: An side benefit is that far less paper is needed, giving an environmental benefit as well.
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