Academic Card: Multi-purpose Solution for College Students

Universities and colleges currently supply their students with a number of cards in order to give them access to the campus facilities.

The USB-based Academic Card can combine all those cards into one, plus offer a number of additional advantages:


  • The student’s ID details and photo are printed on the card.
  • Control access to the college’s computers and network.
  • Control access to campus buildings.
  • The card contains the student’s grades, course enrollments, and other key academic data.
  • The card offers multiple use such as a combined library card, copier card and student card.
  • Course Card: For each course, the professor can pre-load the reading material and continue to update the students' cards over the course of study.

University administrators can send timely messages over the card such as the annual schedule, dates of exams and events, which keep students informed and engaged.

Walletex’s security features for encrypting the data and authenticating students who attempt to log on to the college’s computer infrastructure are also available.

The Academic Card is field-proven and has been successfully implemented in many campuses. Contact us to see how the Walletex solution can work in your academic setting.

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