A powerful platform to Promote your Business

The Walletex Promo Card is many steps ahead of give-away CDs, DVDs or memory sticks. This is for the following reasons:


  • The Promo Card includes a large, two-sided printable area for unique branding.
  • The Promo Card can be used to connect to a server and push targeted and updated promotions to the user.
  • The Promo Card is credit-card sized so it fits easily into the customer’s wallet, and can be used for personal use, while keeping your logo prominent.

Use the Promo Card to provide your clients with the information they need. This can be your catalog, special offers, targeted links to your web site, or even mini-flash applications designed specially for the Promo Card.

The Promo Card, with its remote update feature, is more elegant, dynamic and effective than printed catalogs. Further, its uniqueness ensures that customers will connect it to their computers and share it with friends.

You can periodically send updated information to your customers, or even start sending personalized offers to clients for an enhanced consumer experience.


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