Keep a safe copy of your entire medical history in your wallet

Walletex MediCard™ is a secure, wallet size, USB flash memory card that is an ideal platform for keeping your entire medical history in your wallet.

Both your medical data and the associated software applications can be stored in the card’s large storage (2 GB to 16 GB), with your personal photo and vital medical details printed on the slim Walletex MediCard™. This information can be used by first-responders in an emergency.

The card includes security features such as a password, data encryption, read/write authorization and authentication, etc. for protecting your medical data and privacy. Walletex MediCard™ can also include a magnetic strip, smart chip and RFID, etc.

The Walletex MediCard™ is made of strong flexible plastic, similar to credit cards, and is highly durable so as to be safe in your wallet.

The card has a fixed USB connector without moving parts which contributes to its durability. In fact, the card can even survive going through a washing machine cycle.

The patented, double-sided USB connector allows your physician to connect Walletex MediCard™ to a computer’s standard USB port, without the need for a special device reader.

Walletex MediCard™ is field proven and has been implemented by our medical customers in Europe and the USA.

If you would like to learn more about securing your patients’ medical records and cutting costs, contact us for more information.

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