An Innovative and Highly Secure USB Card for Online Banking 

The innovative Walletex BankCard provides a top tier solution for secure and user friendly online banking, both in terms of the hardware it uses and the concept.


  1. The hardware: The credit card-size USB card incorporates a safe and powerful crypto microprocessor, a keypad for data entry, and an LCD display. All these features are on the card itself!
  2. The concept: The secure session takes places between the card and the remote server of the financial institution. The security of the computer that is used is of no concern and clients can even use their bank accounts at Internet cafés and other unsecured WiFi locations.

The design of the BankCard incorporates a keypad and LCD display right on the credit-sized USB card. This means that user identification takes place using the card’s in-built firmware that connects directly to the bank’s servers. The on-board processor means that the entire session takes place between the card and the bank. The computer is used for non-sensitive data only, and it enables the transactions to take place.

Another critical feature of the BankCard solution is session verification. In a standard session, the user identifies himself or herself. Using bidirectional PKI security, the bank verifies to the client that they have logged onto a bona fide system.

Additional BankCard features are as follows:


  • A special card reader is not required; the BankCard has a USB connector that can connect to any computer.
  • The BankCard is robust and its software and data cannot be changed.
  • An advanced cryptographic library is embedded, including 256-bit AES encryption, PKI, HASH functions, RNG and more.
  • Two-sided authentication which neutralizes all phishing attempts.
  • Advanced OTP – customized, proprietary or RSA SecurID® compatible.
  • Password protection.
  • Dual channel: the transaction data is sent to the Server on a separate virtual SSL channel.
  • Even though the card has a processor, it does not run an operating system, so it cannot be infected by viruses or other malware.
  • The BankCard is intuitive and user friendly. 


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