Highly Secure USB Memory Cards for Multiple Applications

The Safe Card is a unique, credit card-size USB memory solution that easily fits into your wallet. Safe Card can be used as a secure USB memory device, protecting corporate or personal data, and it can also be used as a platform for software applications. This is accomplished by taking advantage of its large storage, its security functions and the SDK (Software Development Kit).
Whether you’re using Safe Card for financial applications, healthcare records, smart student cards, or any other customized application where personal information is being stored, your customers need to know that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to prevent access to their financial assets, personal records or other private information.

The card has several layers of security that can confront the multiple threats that are posed by portable data when it is accessed on computers that may not be secure. Our SDK is available to developers who wish to write their own applications using our secure platform.


  • The card incorporates hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption – all data is automatically encrypted.
  • An enhanced crypto-chip is available for robust protection from both physical and logical attacks. Its hardware based cryptographic library includes PKI, DES, HASH functions and more.
  • Security is mandatory: All files can be located in a partition that is 100% secure.
  • The card is password protected. Users can choose and change their passwords, and strong passwords are enforced. After a pre-set number of unsuccessful logon attempts the card enters “lockdown” mode, making the data inaccessible.
  • The card can include several LUNs (partitions), each of which can be defined as CD-ROM, read-only, write protected, Read/Write or hidden (invisible to the operating system.) Each LUN can have hardware-based password protection and strong AES encryption.
  • The card can also provide cryptographic services such as securing remote access to the company network, a PKI-based token to authenticate the user and thus prevent malicious access to the company’s sensitive data, as well as digital signatures, etc.
  • Direct secure tunnel (SSL) from the card's internal processor to the (local or remote) application software. This enables anti-virus capabilities and access to the host computer’s malware protection.


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