Employee Badges with Integrated Security Features

Walletex specializes in multi-function employee badges that incorporate multiple security features that can help you streamline your operations. You can choose the functions and security level that you need.
The Secure Enterprise Badge contains the employees’ basic ID information and photo on a credit card-size device. Depending on your requirements, the following features can be incorporated:


  • RFID to access company locations and workspaces by simply touching a terminal.
  • Secure USB memory card that is password protected.
  • A token for high level, hardware-based encryption.
  • Secure VPN with double authentication for remotely accessing the corporate networks.


The Walletex platform is very versatile and can be adapted to every company’s security level.

USB Memory Card

The USB memory card has a number of layers of security. First, it is password protected and can only be accessed by the owner. Second, it can optionally block access to the card and delete the encryption key after a certain number of unsuccessful login attempts.

The memory card also has a significant advantage for securing remote access to the company network, something which has become commonplace. It uses a PKI-based token to authenticate the user and thus prevent malicious access to the company’s sensitive data.

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