WF Secure: A Robust Security Solution for Your Data

WF Secure provides a standard level of security and also enables you to develop your own custom applications using the Walletex SDK. It’s the perfect solution for protecting data in settings that don’t require the same level of security as financial transactions. That said, its security credentials are still very impressive.

WF Secure is password protected and it incorporates automatic hardware encryption (AES 256 bit).

The encryption takes place on the card and it is decrypted before being sent to the host computer. This makes the encryption transparent to the host computer and user.

All information stored on the WF Secure is protected by a unique key inside the hardware controller. This AES key is only accessible within the WF Secure controller, and is not revealed by the host’s operating system at any stage of processing.

To use WF Secure you need to choose a complex password. An internal counter tracks failed login attempts and when a preset limit has been exceeded, the WF Secure card is auto-locked and all the data on the card is inaccessible.

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