WF Crypto for the Highest Level of Security

The WF Crypto is a highly secure credit card-size USB device. Its core includes a safe crypto-chip (Common Criteria approved) with the same level of security as a smart card, yet it has much stronger processing power which enables additional security functions to be performed inside the chip at the hardware level.

As all security functions are implemented on the card itself – and they are not dependent on the host computer – the WF Crypto protects against Trojan horse malware which may be on the host and thus it prevents the data from being manipulated prior to the cryptographic processing. In addition, the data transmission rate is very fast, enabling functions such as AES and SSL to be fully implemented inside the card. This is transparent from the user’s point of view, as there is no noticeable delay.

The powerful crypto-chip also allows for flexibility and customization of security functions. The card includes a hardware based cryptographic library that is used for the internal functions, though it can also be used for providing external security services.

For example, an SSL secure link can be established between the card’s internal crypto-chip and a remote software application, protecting against ‘Man in the Browser’ attacks. The secure link can also be an effective anti-virus tool, as viruses cannot be introduced to the card via the USB connection.

The WF Crypto model that has the embedded keypad and display makes the whole system protected and highly reliable. The PIN for activating the card is entered via its keypad and not via the computer where it can be stolen by a Trojan horse. When transferring sensitive data, such as a bank transfer, the data can be entered via the keypad, as opposed to the computer's keyboard.

By virtue of the advanced partitioning system that provides total separation, the WF Crypto also supports multiple applications with ease. For example, two bank accounts can be managed on the same card, and an employee or consultant can use the same card to access the protected networks of two different employers. If it were relevant, the same card can be used for two Walletex applications, such as BankCard and MediCard.

It is also important to mention the WF Crypto’s remote-destruct mechanism that can be invoked if there was a suspected security breach; in the event that it was decided to block access to a current or former staff member; or if the authorities have frozen a bank account holder’s funds.

The WF Crypto is used as a platform for Walletex's highly secure applications in sectors such as banking, healthcare and corporate environments.

Closed Systems & Sterile Environments

The WF Crypto can be used in closed, protected systems. The card can be programmed to respond only when plugged into an authorized computer that belongs to a certain organization. Otherwise the card will not have any use and the files cannot be accessed. The flip side is that the files on the card cannot be removed from the organization and copied elsewhere, thus enhancing security.

Additional uses for the WF Crypto include booting a computer from the card to create a sterile environment. This can prevent serious attacks, similar to Stuxnet, which was probably introduced via a contaminated computer. The operating system and all applications have to be installed on the card in order for the system to boot.

The WF Crypto is protected from attack at the hardware level.

Additional features:


  • Browsing from the card: The Internet browser is a ‘sterile’ application and it is saved on the card. It is activated on the user's request, protecting against contaminated applications. Further, the SSL keys (including the AES key) are generated in the card and never leave or move to the unsafe environment of the host computer. This protects against ‘session stealing’ attacks.
  • The cards are compatible with management systems such as Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).

The multiple levels of sophisticated and innovative security make the WF Crypto the safe choice for your organization.

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