WF Multi: Security & Integrated Technologies

The WF Multi card is a credit card-size USB device that combines a secure flash drive with additional technologies.

Credit card-size devices have magnetic strips and act as smart cards with embedded chips. WF Multi enables all of these features to be added to make the Walletex solution even more robust and flexible. The WF Multi can incorporate any of the following features:


  • Premium: Walletex’s remote update platform.
  • Security, comparable to the WF Safe or WF Crypto.
  • RFID
  • Wireless capabilities with infra-red or Zigbee
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Magnetic strip
  • Smart card

Each of these individual technologies opens up a wide range of applications that can be developed with the Walletex SDK. When two or more of the above features are combined, many more possibilities are available to application developers.

All the standard features of a Walletex USB card are also available, such as double-sided printing for branding, the innovative double-sided connector and incredible durability.

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