WF Basic: Credit Card-Size USB Memory Device

The WF Basic is the Walletex solution that is perfect as a marketing tool. It can be distributed as it is, without any additional applications or development, and it is ideal for many purposes straight out of the box.

The WF Basic has a large two-sided area that can be printed with customized graphics and used for branding or personalization. This is the USB memory card that won’t get lost because it fits neatly into all of your customers’ wallets or purses, and its novelty effect ensures it will be seen and used.

It’s ultra-thin at just 1.9 mm thick and the award winning design makes it a natural winner. The double-sided USB connector means that it can fit in a standard USB port, whichever way it is connected, adding an extra level of convenience to our solution.

As with all Walletex cards, the WF Basic is durable and waterproof, lightweight (12 g) and data can be stored for at least ten years.

All of these applications are recommended for the WF Basic:

Promo Card
Dynamic Sales Card
Wallet Books & Magazines

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website developer