Wallet-MP3, a USB flash drive-based MP3 player, is the thinnest MP3 player in the world and the world's 1st wallet friendly credit card sized MP3 Player! 

Made of double laminated unbreakable plastic, it combines a great music center in a thin body, easily connects to your PC for uploading and exchanging MP3 files while the battery is recharged - all on a chic and durable platform.

The Credit card sized and the water-resistance quality of Wallet-MP3 player are making it the ultimate portable MP3 player.

The patent pending double sided USB connector has triple usage:
Downloading files
Charging the Wallet MP3 player
Serving as a headphone jack
Practical and elegant

Stylish credit card format - goes conveniently into wallet
Large storage capabilities – can hold up to 4GB of instantly accessible data
Double sided USB connector - Makes it quick & easy to connect anywhere, no need for special cord
Built to last

Strong and robust – will remain serviceable for years
Water resistance – resistant to spills and other accidents
Recharge battery - enables many hours of fun
Nifty and Innovative

Cutting Edge - reinventing the music experience to all generation, as well as becoming a great promotional giveaway
Ultra thin - The thinnest MP3 Player in the market
Unique- world's only wallet friendly electronic gadget that is also a true MP3 Player
High Visibility and Frequent Exposure

Large double sided branding area – more than any other UFD
Daily use – your brand is out every time it’s used
Long lasting present – long after other gifts have been binned
Buy the Wallet MP3 today!

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