Walletex has won several Awards and Honors.

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CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honor
Granted in CES 2006 to the slim Walletex Wallet Flash - the credit card sized slimmest USB Flash drive product

ProtectStar Innovation Award
Granted in 2006 to the ultra-slim Walletex
Wallet-Flash, the credit-card sized USB Flash card - the world's slimmest credit card due to its security ability and innovative design and functionality.

Promotional Gift Award
Granted in 2007 by the World's Promotion to Walletex Wallet Flash - the slimmest credit-card sized USB Flash drive, that has a double-sided large printable estate, that allows design and customization of graphic per need, thus making an everlasting promotional giveaway - for important customers and companies and as special business cards

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