About Walletex

Walletex Microelectronics was founded in 2005, and has established itself as a leading provider of secure and innovative, credit card-size, electronic USB devices. The devices provide optimal IT security, including secure data storage and communications, and are implemented in the medical, banking and corporate sectors, among other industries.

Walletex’s key technological breakthroughs have come in the fields of electronic miniaturization and lamination of slim electronics onto credit card-size cards. Our products and applications are based on a specialist ability to integrate multiple technologies and features into very slim, wallet size devices. Such technologies include both standard and specialized USB features, flash memory storage, IT security, RFID, magnetic strips, biometric identification, a built-in miniature keyboard and miniature LCD displays, etc.

Walletex’s in-house capabilities include all stages of the product life cycle: from design, through hardware manufacture and software integration, to maintenance and customer support. This tight integration of all activities enables us to provide both standard and customized secure USB devices for a variety of applications.

The flexibility of Walletex’s USB devices, based on its SDK and top-level security functions, together with a responsive and knowledgeable technical support team, makes us the preferred choice for integrators and software application providers who require USB devices as the platform for their customized applications.

Walletex’s latest product is the new, highly secure WF Crypto™. It is a revolutionary personal device that provides a solution to identity theft and security threats, due to multiple functions that have been integrated onto a single, credit card-size device. These include:


  • Powerful processing capabilities
  • Highly secure communication functions and a VPN
  • PKI technologies and a protected digital signature
  • Secure USB flash drive
  • Multiple application possibilities in banking and e-commerce.


The Walletex product suite complies with international security standards, based on highly secure components.
Our commitment to develop unique, secure products that pin-point solutions for customers, has brought Walletex international recognition and honors. Our awards include the Design & Engineering award at 2006 International CES, Excellence in Engineering at Cebit 2007 and the ProtectStar™ innovation award.

Walletex has more than 1,000 satisfied customers in over 60 countries, including top tier enterprises in the following sectors: banking, medical, high-tech, automotive and energy.

Walletex is part of a privately held group of companies. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have offices in China, Japan, Israel, Holland and the USA.

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